Derby 18

El 14 de febrero el campus de Bilbao y el campus de San Sebastián se enfrentaron en diferentes deportes

Este año todos los partidos se jugaron en la ciudad de San Sebastián y los estudiantes se enfrentaron a los siguientes deportes: baloncesto, fútbol sala, balonmano, rugby 7, fútbol 11 y tenis individual.

Los resultados fueron los siguientes:

  • Baloncesto femenino: ganador Bilbao.
  • Fútbol Sala masculino: ganador San Sebastián.
  • Balonmano masculino: ganador San Sebastián.
  • Rugby 7 masculino: ganador San Sebastián.
  • Fútbol 11 masculino: ganador Bilbao.
  • Fútbol 7 masculino: ganador Bilbao.
  • Tenis Individual femenino: ganador San Sebastián.

Aquí podéis ver todas las fotografías.



Human Rights Film Festival

150 young people aged between 18 and 30 year participate each year as a young jury at the Festival of Cinema and Human Rights of San Sebastian.

If you want to be part of the jury you must register on the website of, you can sign up until April 8.

Like last year, if you participate as a young jury you can get ECTS credits. You will have to sign up in the organization and in Deusto Campus.

In addition, two trips among people who participate as young jury are raffle, to attend to FiSahara, Festival that takes place in camps for refugees from Sahara. They will also get two subscriptions for San Sebastian Week of Horror and Fantasy Cinema.

Pintxo Workshop

This second semester we offer you twice the opportunity to participate in a pintxo workshop with MIMO Food San Sebastian

The fisrt one will be the 21 of march at 18.00 and the second one the 18 of april at 18.00.

In this workshop for the price of only 15 euros you will learn how to cook 3 traditional workshops, a drink (water, sider or wine), an expert chef and a tasting. The MIMO instalations are located in the mane entrance of the Maria Cristina Hotel (as you can see in this map) and close by you have the gourmet shop. If you show the Deusto card you will get a 10% of discount.

To sign uo please fill this form. 

RRSS 2 S (I)