Winter Clothes Gathering

For the first time, with Zaporeak, we participated in collecting clothes in Euskal Herria to refugees. The clothes will be sent to the Greek associations Atikka (Lesbos) and Feox (Chios), which work with refugees.

Will be collect different kinde of clothes, for woman, man and child: outerwear, jackets, fat sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, belts, pants, skirts, new underwear, seedlings and socks.

Collection will take place between 12 and 16 (both inclusive) in the following points: Innogue, Deusto Campus, Hall Building, Mateo Ricci, Cafeteria and Padre Arrupe.

Travesía - Noviembre web

Travesía por la costa

Sábado 17 Noviembre

Lugar de encuentro: Explanada de Sagües! (pinchar AQUI )

Hora de encuentro: 10h.

Hora de llegada; Sobre las 18h.

Travesía por la costa! (desde la zona de gros hacia pasajes por la costa!!)

Llevar ropa y calzado adecuado además de vuestra comida y bebida.

Inscripciones en Deusto Campus Deportes hasta el jueves 15 de noviembre

Solidarity Study Olimpics

As every year, the Solidarity Olympiad of Study begins, this year will be from November 6 to December 5, in the library of Deusto University of San Sebastian.

For every hour the students being studying at the library or classroom study, is will donate 1 euro to a charity project.

This year the money will be donate to the Project of expansion of the school “Arco Iris” of Senegal. The money raised is to support the construction of Primary School classrooms, so the children of Saly Velingara can Access to quality education.

The last year, a total of 355 students participate and 2602 euros was raised.

Animate and participate!

Olimpiada Solidaria Web 2018