Buddy Programme

What is Buddy Program?

This program consists on matching a local student with an international one during the time in Deusto University and the city of San Sebastian.

What is the aim?

The aim is to promote the interaction and contact between internacional and local students.

Why participate?

It gives the opportunity to know new cultures, practice languages and meet students from another grades, ages and countries.

How to participate?

There are two roles on the program:

The Big Buddy is the local student who accompanies the international students. If you fulfill the requirements, you can win a credit:

  • Assistance to the program. We ask you to come to all the meetings: the presentation, the organization of an activity and more…
  • Participation. You must participate at least in three activities with you buddies:
    • Welcome Dinner. The best moment for the first meeting.
    • A Deusto Campus activity (solidarity, sports, faith and culture).
    • An activity proposed and organized by the Big Buddies and the Buddies. Taking please on the campus to give more visibility to the program.
  • Memory. A document with the experience.

The Buddy is the international student who is accompanied during his or her time with us.

Who and when do I sign up?

To sign up you must fill the application before the 25th of january:

Big Buddy inscriptions.

Buddy inscriptions.