We leave behind the first semester and the workshops we offered: signs language, guitar, how to be in front of the camera, theater, short films, photography and as new we offered graffiti and “The debate team”, you had the opportunity to participate in all of them but the graffiti workshop.

We have left behind the inter-semestral period, we offered you different workshops to fill your free time and we finally could organise graphic design, reiki and communication for change courses. They all where really well valued and they really fulffilled the students expectations.

This second semester we already have started with all the courses: sign language (level 1), photography (level 1 ), guitar (level 1), how to be in front of the camera (level 1 and 2). And we continue with theater, short films, and the Debate Team.

Here you have the schedule:

Cursos DC Cultura Horarios 2