Deusto Campus Culture has organized an exhibition throughout October called “Donostia … barrutik”. This exhibition is prepared by prisoners from the Martutene Prison. This art therapy workshop is organized by IRESGI.

This course has different goals: learn new techniques, learn to make positive use of leisure and free time, acquire knowledge, work relationships and coexist, etc.

These works are carried out by the persons deprived of liberty. Through this course the prisoner achieve the improvement of self-esteem and the channelling of emotions.

To make these pieces of art, the prisoner first lay the selected drawing on double-sided adhesive paper and with a cutter cut through the drawn line. Then the paper that has been cut by the cutter is detached and the sand is placed in its place. Once finalized everything is given lacquer fixative.

You will be able to enjoy this exhibition all october.

Exposición cultura octubre

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