Internal Tournaments 

The second phase of the Internal Tournaments has started. This activity organized by Deusto Campus will take place until December and they will take part different sports such as indoor football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, paddle and “pala”. The results of these tournaments are going to be updated on the Deusto Campus Blog and in the showcases at the university. The finalists of the tournaments will be lucky to win trophies and sports clothes.


Second semester internal tournaments

Four internal tournaments  have been organized: 7 football, basketball, volleyball and paddle tennis. Through the next link you can find out all the information about each championship.

Internal Football  7 Championship Final

On May 24, the final of the 7-a-side soccer tournament was played at the BPXport facilities (Riberas de Loiola). The final was played between the teams ADE+ Computer Engineering and ADE+DBS. The match was full of emotion. The Amaiur Oskila’s team was leading 0-2 until the last minutes when the opposing team managed to tie. After extra time the two teams were neck and neck with a 3-3 result that took them to penalties. Finally, Pablo Zubizarreta’s team took the victory with a 6-5 result in the penalty shootout. You can see the photos of the match in this link and the videos of the penalties in this website.







Intersemestral championship

From january 24 to 30, the intersemestral championship was held. It took place at the sports field of the Donostia campus. Through this link you can consult all the information of the competition. Also, you can see the photos of the championship on this website.



On february 23 the Deusto derbys will be held. Students from the Donostia campus and the Bilbao campus will compete for a place in the Euskadi interuniversity championship. The sports disciplines in which they will compete are soccer 11 (male), Futsal (male), Basketball (male and female), volleyball (female), paddle tennis (male), tennis (individual, female).




Kirol modalitate desberdinetako hainbat partidu antolatzen dira, bai bakarka bai taldeka, unibertsitate hauen artean: Unibertsitatea. Euskal Herria EHU, Unibertsitatea Arrasate eta Deustuko Unibertsitatea.

Hori guztia egun bakar batean egiten da, eta partidak urtero izaten dira parte hartzen duen unibertsitate bateko kirol-instalazioetan, bakoitzak bere tokia duela.

euskadi 2




Euskadiko txapelketan sailkatutako taldeek Espainiako unibertsitate-txapelketan jokatuko dute hautatutako kirol-modalitateetan, bai banaka bai taldeka.

Aldez aurreko fase bat antolatzen da eremuka, eta, gero, azken fase bat, kirol-modalitate bakoitzeko onenak ateratzeko. Txapelketa horiek guztiak unibertsitateek berek antolatzen dituzte eta hauek, martxotik maiatzera bitartean izaten dira.