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On Friday, the second Karting outing of this course took place. 15 students enjoyed this experience at the Vilariño circuit in Olaberria. You can see all the pictures of the activity on this page.


Performed activities:

Horse riding: May 14

On 14 May, a 2 hour horse ride from the hand of the Lar Zaldiak horse was organized. The activity was intended for participants of a beginner level. At the end of the excursion they had the opportunity to enjoy a lunch of txistorra and cidra (or soda).

Here are some pictures of the exit.

Carrera de Empresas

On May 15, Donostia hosted the well-known Carrera de Empresas, an 8.5 km run, practically flat, that crosses the three beaches of the city. Workers of the university participated on groups of four people. The University of Deusto was the responsible for all registration costs.

Link to view all the photos. 

Sport day

Sports Day was celebrated on April 13. On this day the participants play various sports disciplines, group or individual. You can see all the photos of the day on this site.

  • Paddle Pairs
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Table soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer 6-a-side

Check all the information about the teams and the schedules in this document.

In addition to these competitions, there were also sporting events related to technique or skill. For example:

  1. CONTROL TEST : Control shot: 3 attempts at leaving home chip with one.
  2. PRECISION TEST: Bar throw: 5 attempts to hit the bar.
  3. SKILL TEST: Hoop throw. 5 throws to get 4.
  4. FOOTBALL PRECISION: Throwing goal. 3 attempts to score 2 goals.
  5. DARTS: Throwing darts. 5 throws add up.
  6. GOLF TEST: Kicking golf ball. 4 attempts and get 2 holes.
  7. HOOPS TEST: Putting ball in hoops. Get 2 out of three.
  8. ACCURACY BASKETBALL: Make 3 free throws in a row.

All the winner received UD’s sport material.

Skiing outing


On the last weekend of February, Deusto Campus organized a two-day skiing trip. The students had the opportunity to ski and snow at the Astún station and could even register for beginners. Here are some photos of the trip: Link to view all the photos. 

The bridges of Urumea” challenge

It was about making a 3.89 km route running through the bridges of the Urumea River. To do this, the participant would have to run the route with the Strava mobile application to verify what has been done. 


The past November 20,  a Karting outgoing was held in the Vilariño Circuit of Olaberria. There were two 10-minute sleeves. In the first one, were taken the times realized and in the second, according to the times recorded, the Pole Position was made.

The first three paticipants were awarded with Deusto sports material and a draw was held among the others from a sweatshirt, gloves and a scarf.


Behobia SS

The Behobia-SS was held on 14 November and people from the University of Deusto had the opportunity to register with Deusto Campus Sports and participate in the name of the university.

Among  the participants from the university, Bakarne Etxeberria (1:57:43) and Megan Briggs (1:57:55) achieved the two best positions in the female category.  In the men’s category, Jon López (1:20:31) and Santiago Sanchez-Guardamino (1:43:31) were the two bests. All of them will be awarded with a trophy and sports equipment by Deusto Campus Sports. 

Kayak in La Concha bay

On the first weekend of October Deusto Campus organized a canoeing trip and  different students from the university participated. The people who joined the course had the opportunity to learn some basic techniques for canoeing and rowing through the Bay of La Concha for an hour and a half. In addition, the participants enjoyed the views of the city of Donostia from a new perspective and had the opportunity to know the island of Santa Clara.

Link to view all the photos

Surfing in Zurriola beach

Last weekend, students from the University of Deusto had the opportunity to participate in a surf course given by Pukas Surf Eskola. Numerous students from different nationalities joined this activity and had the opportunity to enjoy the waves of the Zurriola beach. The course lasted an hour and a half and both students and monitors were able to enjoy a full of fun journey. 

Link to view all the photos: