What is work for you?

“What is the job for you?”.  These are photographs obtained through a competition organized by the NGO ‘Peace and Solidarity’. This competition sought to obtain photographs that revealed the work reality and the daily work of El Salvador and Gipuzkoa. Therefore, you will be able to find in the exhibition images that reflect the above along with a brief description of them.


Social exclusion and inclusion processes




The students of the 2nd year of Social Work who take the subject of “Processes of social exclusion and inclusion” will participate in a photo contest where they will have to present photographs that represent situations of social exclusion. Deusto Campus SS and EMAUS collaborate with this activity rewarding the authors of the winning photograph.


2020-2021 academic year

International Network for Environmental Sustainability in the Figth against Poverty

 Sustainability Network TAU. Tau aims to promote critical awareness in Gipuzkoa about the causal relationship of the unsustainable use of ecosystems in situations of poverty and gender inequality in the world. This proposal is supported by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, promoted by the International Network for Environmental Sustainability in the Fight against Poverty. Currently this network consists of eight NGDOs: Zabalketa, ICLI Cooperation Engineering, Mundukide, Tau Foundation, UNESCO Etxea, Ethiopia Utopia, Egoaizia and Behar Bidasoa.

Ethical finance

‘The Colors of Ethical Finance’ has the brightness of joy and is seen on the faces of the people of the alternative finance system which works on the basis of solidarity and social beneficiaries. They are happy because they have a dawn with hope and close the day knowing that there is a better and more just tomorrow.

You have in your hands the opportunity to know, the exhibition ‘The colors of ethical finance’. You will know transformative initiatives that demonstrate that another world is possible, even if they have wanted to sell us the opposite. People and organizations from El Salvador, Nicaragua and Euskal Herria tell us about the tireless work they do every day to build a world where no one is left behind.

#youdecide Saretuz Sare exhibition 

Saretuz is a network of associations and entities of Donostia that promotes conscious consumption through awareness campaigns and offers real alternatives to buy goods and services consciously. We encourage responsible consumption in which we become aware of the power we have as consumers to change the current model of production and consumption.

Saretuz is a network of 16 organizations working together in Donostia to value alternative consumption models.In this organization they like to think that conscious and transformative consumption is a consumption that builds, which is at the same time a strategy and a fundamental tool to be able to live in the society they dream of: a society where life is the center and the economy is at their service, based on justice, on equality between women and men and between peoples, in solidarity, in balance with nature, in commitment, in cooperation…

In the exhibition #youdecide we want to show that everything we consume has a social, economic and environmental impact. Therefore, the act of consuming has to be coherent and conscious. Before consuming we should ask ourselves the previous question of whether I really need it. Ask us where this product comes from and/or the km you could make. Who, where, under what conditions it occurs. Reflecting on our consumption habits is a good practice that undoubtedly encourages a change in the current model.