Garate International is a meeting proposal to become aware of the plurality of the university community.

It takes place in fortnightly meetings, this year remotely, in which international students make their beliefs and cultures known. The name Garate refers to the Jesuit Francisco Gárate, who for more than forty years (1888 – 1929) attended the goal of the University of Deusto where he exercised the reception service with great humanity.

Take a look at this video.

The last session will be on May 7 at 13.30, where the 10th anniversary of Garate International will be held.

To be able to go write to Malvina Cruz:

An opportunity to participate in Garate International, on 16th of april, this time with the theme of Turkmenistan. To participate, just register on the form. If you have any questions contact Malvina Cruz:

If you want more information about Garate Internacional, come, without any obligation, to the Deusto campus Faith – 101 office in Central building. You can send an e-mail to arrange a visit: