Magis is a network that promotes the meeting of young people (ages 20 to 30) who want to delve into the mystery of faith and life. Through group meetings, events and celebrations you join, with other people your age, in an itinerary that will help you learn to look at life and seek and find God.

MAG+S San Sebastián Community In Donostia

we organize ourselves in four groups of 10-12 people each group. Most of us are studying, although some of us have started to work. Group meetings are usually at the Loiola Center, on Andia Street, 3. If you want to know more about MAGIS, you can look at the website or go, without any obligation, to the Deusto Campus Fe office – Office No. 101 in the Central Building. You can send an e-mail to arrange a visit:

Two people tell us about their experience: “I have my group of friends. I do sports with them, I go out on weekends … but they don’t understand me when I want to talk about how I live and we experience certain situations; how some challenges of society challenge me; how I want to reach out to help those who have it worse; how to learn to live the Christian faith, they don’t understand me. At Magis I feel listened to and I learn by listening to others. “

Ibón, 23 years old.

“Some situations that I have had to live this pandemic year have moved me to take up this group possibility to seek answers, meet others and others who are experiencing something similar. I want to try Magis. ”

Miren, 21 years old.


Easter MAG+S 2021 

Live Holy Week with other young people Holy Week is the time to experience the mystery of the Christian faith: the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Time to live it with others.

We present different contexts in which this year you can celebrate Holy Week, the Lord’s Easter:

  • When? April 1 – 4, 2021.
  • Places:
    • Easter in Javier (Navarra).
    • Easter in Melilla (for people over 25 years old).
    • Easter in Villagarcía de Campos.
    • Easter in Valencia.
    • Easter in Celorio (Asturias).
    • Easter in Almería.

Live the MAG+S experience in a field of work Would you like to live a MAGIS experience in a work field? It will help you grow as a person and as a Christian. Look for an experience or activity; choose a time (in summer or during the course) and a place (near or far) to fulfill your wishes to “do something for others” at this point in your life.

In March 2021 we will publish the proposals.