Gastronomic March

During the month of March we propose two activities around gastronomy: recipe exchange and pintxos route.

It is a great opportunity to teach a traditional Basque recipe to your Buddy and learn one from the country of origin of your Big Buddy.

In addition, we encourage students who are participating in the on-site program to take the route through the city to try the pintxos that you like most.

What is the Buddy Program about?

It consists of matching local students with incoming students with the aim of promoting international relations and providing them with support during that time. The program is considered as a very important part of the experience of exchange students at our university.

Why participate?

It provides the opportunity to meet other cultures, practical languages and make new friendships with students of other grades, ages and countries.

What is the operation?

This second semester of the academic year 2020 – 2021 we have been able to receive international students in person so that the program will be carried out both in virtual form and in person.

The program has two roles:

Big Buddy –>  Local student who accompanies one or more students.

Buddie –> The international student who is accompanied by a local one.

Buddy Programme