What is it? It includes very diverse projects and for all ages, from first year of career to postgraduate (although it will always be very convenient to have previous experience of local volunteering). There are more generic interventions and others in which your academic training will be relevant. Depending on the project, the duration is between one and two months. All start at the beginning of July and participate jointly students of Comillas (Madrid, Valladolid and Palma de Mallorca), Deusto (Bilbao and San Sebastián) and Ramon Llull (Barcelona).

Is there a deadline for presenting an application? Because of the situation right now there is no call.

Can I have more information? Much more: how is the selection, what should I do to present myself, what is the previous training, who accompanies me on the ground, how much does it cost me, logistical issues… You have all the information you may need here. In addition, if you register in the alerts system, we will notify you when the call opens, you will receive announcements about informative meetings and we will notify you when we go to close the receipt of applications.

  • Dominican Republic
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Equator
  • México
  • Peru
  • Kenya

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